Fantastic Forest Screensaver

Fantastic Forest Screensaver

A screensaver with three animated images of a forest full of funny characters

Fantastic Forest is a nice screensaver mainly intended for kids. It includes three different animated images of a forest full of funny and cute characters engaged in different activities. Some creatures just move from one place to the other, like bees, witches, birds, butterflies, and other insects fly all across the screen. All scenes depict a sunny day with lots of tress and flowers, mushrooms, and even a lake. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't have music, but it does include pleasant nature sounds, which make it more relaxing.

From the settings menu, you can customize the play sequence of the images and flash options like size, quality, and background color. If you don't want to distract your kid with the sounds you can also mute them, and you can also customize the exit conditions to your preference. It would be great if the screensaver also included music and a few transition effects.

In short, Fantastic Forest is a nice screensaver with cute characters and lovely landscapes that will surely attract the attention of kids or even adults.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute characters
  • Nice cartoonish graphics and relaxing sounds
  • Three images
  • Pretty customizable


  • No music or transition effects
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